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  • You are located in Hope, so do you I meet you there?"
    No. Our pick up location depends on what part of the state we are at. We have tours all over the state, so picking up in the location of the tour minimizes the tour driving time and maximizes exploring Kansas time! Check each individual tour page to see its pickup location.
  • Are your tours kid-friendly?
    Yes!! We love showing off the great state of Kansas to all ages! When children start exploring this great state at a younger age, it creates apprecation for where they live. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • I have a group that wants to do a certain tour, but the date of the tour doesn't work. "
    You are in luck! If you have a group of 14 people or less, you can rent the bus for a private tour. If there is a specific tour, we could find a date that works for you and you could have a private tour for your group.
  • Do I have to pay with a credit card?
    Nope. You can pay with check or cash. When you go to check out in the store, you will click offline payment and we will contact you to see what payment works best.
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