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Firefighter History

Since the birth of firefighting in the United States in the 1700's, major advances have taken place. From buckets to hand carts to horse drawn carts to motorized vehicles, technology has played a major part in the changes of the fire service. Not only that, but the buildings that housed those once innovations have become relics of the past. Join us as we explore Kansas firefighter history by seeing how buildings such as the now Kingman County Museum, used to be an integral part of the fire service; such as the main tower was used to dry hoses. You won't want to miss this adventure into the history of some of Kansas's greatest heroes: firefighters. 

What will we experience? 

  • Kingman County Museum - Kingman

    • Inside the historic 1888 former fire station​

  • BBQ lunch at Station 8 BBQ - Wichita​

    • Historic 1928 former fire station​

  • FireWorx - Wichita​

    • Former 1930 #2 fire station​

  • Derby Museum - Derby​

    • Large collection of Derby FD memorabilia​

  • Kansas Firefighters Museum - Wichita

    • Kansas's official firefighter museum located in the historic 1908 fire station #6.​

When & where do we meet?

Date: Saturday, June 10th 

We will meet at the Kauffman Museum, 2801 N. Main Street, in North Newton at 8:30 am.

We will return you to your vehicles at the Kauffman Museum at 3:30 pm.

How much?

$85 Per Person - This includes lunch, transportation, and admission to museums.

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