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Lecompton Tour

With Heartland Travel LLC.

Step back in time to 1850s Territorial Kansas! Explore how Kansas became a state and the fight that ensued. When the Kansas-Nebraska Act was signed on May 30th, 1854, a whole new can of worms was opened. The US government decided to let popular sovereignty rein supreme by letting Kansas vote and decide whether or not they would enter the United States as a free or slave state. Lecompton is the best example to see this fight played out. We will also stop over to Lawrence, which was sacked in 1856 and burned in 1863, both due to the slavery issue. 

What will we experience? 

  • Constitution Hall - Lecompton

  • Kansas Territorial Capital & Lane University Museum - Lecompton

  • Driving Tour of Lecompton

  • Watkins Museum of History - Lawrence

  • Grover Barn -  Lawrence

  • Quantrill's Raid Driving Tour of Lawrence

Contact Sunflower State Tours at or text/call 785-470-7720 to reserve your seat today!

When & where do we meet?

Date: Tuesday, July 11th 

We will meet at Discs Unlimited, 7 N. 1st St., in Herington, KS at 8:00 am.

We will return you to your vehicles at 5:30 pm.

How much?

$80 Per Person - This includes transportation and admission to museums. Lunch is paid for by you.

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